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Brilliant Lawns lawn cutting service

We cut small and large lawns. Offering a weekly or two weekly service. The lawn cuttings are collected and removed. Lawn edges are strimmed or cut subject to requirements. We always cut your lawn with a lawn mower that has sharp blades.

We have a number of cutting rounds,if you are interested then just contact us we will visit and then quote for your lawn. Prices start at just £15 a visit. Lawn cutting or lawn mowing is an essential part of lawn care

lawn stripped lawn cutting and mowing example large lawn

Did you know - Lawn Cutting information


Mowing regularly at the right height will promote grass growing side shoots (tillering) This is important as it will make your grass denser and sward thicker healthier.

The One-Third rule.

Mowing height and mowing frequency determine how healthy and attractive your lawn looks. It is best never to remove more than one-third of the grass blade. If you cut too hard the plant goes into shock and turns very pale, almost white.

By regular mowing at the correct height the grass takes on a dwarf habit and a thick healthy sward develops.

If the grass does get away from you for one reason or another it is best to raise the height of cut and bring it down step by step until, you reach a satisfactory height over a number of days or weeks. You will probably have to increase the mowing frequency during this process.

Clean cut

Achieving a clean cut is important because bruised grass loses moisture from the plant and also leaves a ragged looking lawn. Have your mower serviced annually, they will sharpen the blades ready for the season ahead.


Lawn Cut height

A lawn cut height of 25mm to 50mm  or 1" to 2"  is recommended.

Remember cutting more than a third of the grass height off will weaken the grass.


Lawn cutting frequency

Ideally cut frequently when actively growing, this could be twice a week.

Lawn Mowers Blades

Have your mower regularly checked and serviced by a professional. Sharp blades cut cleanly, blunt blades tear and bruise the grass. This will stress the plant and could allow disease in.

Lawn Cuttings

Its is best to remove these from the lawn as they can increase the chances of lawn diseases developing and increase thatch.

Direction of cut

There is a tendency to always cut the lawn in the same direction. Where possible some variety in direction will help prevent the grass taking on lay patterns or tramlines from lawn mower wheels.

Petrol lawn mowers

Do not be tempted to fill up on your lawn a a spill will kill the grass.


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