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A handful of topsoil contains hundreds of thousands of fungal spores which remain dormant until the right conditions exist for them to blossom into a full on fungal attack. Our Lawn Care treatments will usually guard against disease striking. However changes in environment, weather and moisture levels can create an environment in which disease can develop.


Some common lawn diseases are listed below - there are more! If you are concerned about your lawn always contact us and we will recommend a suitable curative treatment.


Anthracnose; Reddish brown spots on leaves. Favourable conditions: hot weather, very wet conditions, poor drainage, underfertilisation.


Brown Patch: Leaves and stems die in circular patches, a common disease of fescues. Favourable conditions: Hot weather, high humidity, excess rain.


Copper Spot: Small red spots on grass blades that enlarge and become darker red. Circular patches are usually 2 to 3 inches in diameter. The grass inside the spot dies - looks similar to Dollar Spot. Favourable conditions: Temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees and high humidity.


Dollar Spot: Small round spots 10cm to 30cm in diameter, can join up into larger patches. Favourable conditions: Temperatures of 60 to 85 degrees, high moisture, underfertilisation.


Fusarium: Orange/brown spots that grow to 20 cm.  Favourable conditions: Moist humid conditions, high PH, excess thatch, poor fertilisation.


Powdery Mildew: Grey/white mould develops on grass leaf. Favourable conditions: Mild weather (65 degrees), damp weather, shade.


Red Thread: Grass leaves turn pale and develop a pink threadlike tinge. Favourable conditions: Very common on underfertilised lawns, Mild conditions, high humidity, misty weather.


Rust: Orange coloured spores appear on the grass leaves.  Favourable conditions: Mild dry weather and poor growth conditions.


Stripe Smut: Grass becomes stunted and long black stripes develop on the leaves.  Favourable conditions: Cool damp weather.


Summer Patch: The grass turns light green in round patches of up to 60cm wide which turn red/brown. There can be a patch of green grass in the centre which makes the patch look like a fairy ring.  Favourable conditions: Warm humid weather and drought stressed grass.





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