LESS Mowing - yes please!

The LESS Mowing lawn care treatment is a growth regulator that reduces the number of times you have to mow your lawn. It inhibits vertical growth and actually diverts plant growth downward into the root system to produce increased food reserves and lateral stem development. This in turn produces a thicker, healthier sward that better equips your turf to withstand temperature extremes, moisture loss and wear and tear. We apply two treatments timed to


- Reduces grass top growth.

- Increases sideways and downward growth.

- Improves colour, appearance and density of sward.

- Increases drought resistance.
- Cuts down mowing frequency, one application can reduce grass clippings by up to 40%

- Cuts down wear and tear on machinery and petrol costs.



Treatments are made regularly through the growing season and are included in our Gold Lawn Care Package.



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