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Weed Killers/Herbicides

How do they work?



A selective weed killer is important in lawn care because it will only kill a certain type of plant, while not harming others. On lawns we want to kill weeds but not grass so we use a selective herbicide.  Round-Up is an example of non-selective, it kills virtually everything.



Contact herbicides only kill the part of the plant contacted by the spray. It is possible to kill just half the weed and watch the other half live happily ever after.



Translocated herbicides are absorbed by the foliage and moved through the plant to stems, roots and underground storage tissues. Plants have a vascular system, like veins and arteries, for moving food (sugar) and water from one part to another. Translocated herbicides move with the flow of sugar throughout the plant. During cold weather or when a plant is stressed there is little movement of sugar so translocated herbicides will be far less effective. For the best results translocated herbicides are used when the weeds are actively growing.


Pre Emergence and Post emergence herbicides

Pre Emergence herbicides kill seeds before they germinate. Post Emergence herbicides are used after germination.


What herbicides do we use?


We use Post Emergence, Selective, Translocated herbicides. Herbicides contain ingredients which target different weeds so we normally use more than one type of herbicide during the growing season to ensure maximum effect.


What happens?

After the application of herbicides the weeds begin to grow like mad and then they will die and shrivel away.


How safe are herbicides?

Your lawn will be perfectly safe for normal use including children and pets after the product has dried (usually about an hour or two). If you have grazing pets like rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs then it's best to set aside an untreated area for them


All our spray technicians are fully trained and experienced in the use of spray equipment and the application of herbicides and pesticides and hold NPTC Certification You can be reassured that the products will be used and applied in a safe manner.


When to mow?

It is best not to mow three days either side of a treatment.



Weed control treatments are included in our Bronze, Silver and Gold Programs.


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